Welcome To Artis!

What do we do?

We attempt to create products which both look good but which also help the environment. We use recycled glass in order to produce unique multi-purpose glass household decorations and appliances. We want a world where recycling is not seen as unnecessary. In order to help create this dream world, we produce products which we have made with just recycled items such and jam jars and beer bottles.

Meet the team:

Managing Directors: Colby Fitzpatrick and Indijai Caburian.

Finance Directors: Mikolaj Szymczak and Charlie Whitlock.

Marketing Director: Elyes Sidimoussa.

Sales Director: Grace Sullivan.

Operation Directors: Nola Holmes and Madison Green.

Human Resources Director: Millie Bradshaw.

ICT Directors: Cameron Carr and Bradley Clarke.

Social Media: Elle-Jayne Adams.

Administration Director: Emily Smith.